Understanding Medicare is complicated, especially if you are new to the program.

How do you know which plan is right for you with so many providers and plan options?

Missing deadlines or choosing the wrong plan can delay coverage and cost you a bundle.

An independent Medicare broker (with no company preference) can help you navigate the system while presenting unbiased options that match your needs.

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Who we are?

We are a dedicated group of brokers that, even we have different personalities, backgrounds and unique personality, we have in common our Integrity, efficiency and knowledge that Medicare is complicated, especially if you are new to the program.

Maybe you are even being flooded with contacts from companies pushing you to choose.

If you have received your Medicare card, you need a Certified Medicare broker you can trust.

Someone to help you navigate a complex system and present unbiased options without

feeling the pressure to choose.

At Ma3 Insurance Group, we can help you get quick access to the services you need. We

even offer free educational events and encourage family members to join the

conversation. Transparency is key!

Our number one priority is you; breaking down language barriers—we speak four

languages—and providing unbiased information across a full spectrum of providers.

Let us help you!


Whether you are applying for a subsidy, evaluating an existing policy, need a plan with your choices (doctors, hospitals, prescriptions), or simply need guidance, we can help.