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Enrolling times... OEP, AEP, SEP or when you are new to Medicare

March is already here and we are ready for spring, getting our flower beds, pots, fresh herbs and.. chewing our Medicare Plan is working as we expect should be.

Medicare beneficiaries has two open enrollment periods during the year.

First AEP: October 15 to December 7, where you can change from a Medicare Advantage to a Supplemental, change your Supplement plan and or your prescription plan.

Then OEP: January 1st to March 31st, here you can fine tune your options, if something like the following sound familiar? Your plan is not working as expected, your doctor changed networks or medicines, then you can change only once from a Medicare Advantage to another one or to a Supplement plan, but you can't join a Medicare Advantage plan or between prescription plans.

The rest of the year you have any SEP available to you. You might qualify for a Special Enrollment Period either because you qualify for Low Income subsidy, Extra Help with medicines, you a losing or dropping your Group Insurance plan.

If you are New to Medicare, because you are 65 year young or has been 24 month since you received your award of disability, then you qualify for am initial enrollment period, depending on what plan you are choosing, Medicare Advantage or Supplemental.

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