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What to do when your receive a medical bill.

Don't deal with billing offices or collections agencies alone!

1. Every time you use a medical provider, you will receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB). Check that the Date of Service (DOS) on the Bill is he same that the one on the EOB.

2. If you haven't received your EOB, you can go online, or call Customer Service to get one, your Agent of Record (AOR) can help you with this task.

3. Look at the section, <patient responsibility > is that amount the same that the one billed to you? if yes, go ahead and make a payment, keep this EOB and receipt of your payment for a year, in case of later billing.

If is not the same amount, or there is no EOB for that Date of Service, call Customer or Members Service phone number in the back of your card.

4. Don't try to figure it out or solve a complicated situation by yourself, ask the Member's or Customer Service Representative to call the provider and deal with them, either they will ask for any missing information from the provider, confirm Other Insurance information, or make it clear to the provider that they cannot charge more than the

contracted amount.

5. Not getting the Customer Service you deserved? Contact your Agent of Record.

At Ma3 Insurance Group, your agent or broker, can escalate this situation, by CMS rules, we cannot deal with Customer Service call but we can guide you through the grievance procedure, appeals process, go over the benefits and features of your plan, as well as checking your Medicare options available during enrollment time.

Call us for more information, 708-484-9545

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